PostCodeZip was established as a result of the need to address the dearth of geographic information such as postcodes, information about localities, streets, and the likes. It is a fact that the availability of geographic information pales in comparison to other forms of information on the internet today. PostCodeZip was created to provide a solution, by establishing a platform that caters to the geographic content needs of individuals and brands. As of today, PostCodeZip has about 250 countries, over 13 million cities, and well over 34 million streets in its database. There are also several sub-features that number up to 1 million in our database.


Our Philosophy

At PostCodeZip, we operate with the ideology that information is best utilized when it is well organized. This is why we make our website simple and straightforward by making use of plain and easy-to-read texts to enable our users to find data easily. We also have every country in our datasets, so you do not have to worry about our country being left out. We have also sorted each country into its appropriate transcontinental region. In this way, you can easily click on North America if you need information on Canada, or Africa if you need information about Ethiopia. These features make your user experience hitch-free and enjoyable.


Individuals and Business Owners

Whether an individual or business owner, you will at one point or the other be in dire need of information like navigation, postcode, timezones, visibility, and more. This is why PostCodeZip provides long-term access to information by allowing users to download datasets. 

Our Geocoding tools provide more visibility for brands through our ''Popular Places'' feature. These tools allow you to create a locator for your business and then pinpoint this locator on the map using your company details. You also get to create accurate analytics and reports for your business.

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